Slippy — Zettelkasten notes for WordPress.

Organise thoughts within WordPress.
Discover new connections.
Develop and refine your ideas.

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Before Slippy existing note taking systems work as an archive, but when it comes to developing ideas, related notes you know exist remain buried in the pile, utterly useless.

After Slippy notes organised by tags reveal discoveries both known and forgotten, and completely unexpected. Having related notes at your finger tips helps develop vague notions into profound realisations.

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Zettel What?!

Slippy is a WordPress plugin that allows you to take zettelkasten style notes from within WordPress.

Never heard of slip box or zettelkasten style note taking? Don't worry, we've got you. For those already in the know, add Slippy from within WordPress now!

Still unsure what this is all about? You can read about Slippy on our blog.

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