Introducing Slippy

Here at LMNHQ we’re always building and testing internal projects that help us collaborate, get things done, and otherwise be creative.

WordPress is something we use a lot, so it makes sense when we’re prototyping to build inside WordPress so we can get right onto using it, and figuring out if it makes our life better.

That’s what happened with Slippy.

Although originally intended as a standalone app, the prototype was built as a WordPress plugin, and as we got busy using it, Slippy being a WordPress plugin went from good first step, to accidental genius.

As we’ve written about here, everyone can benefit from taking notes, but the people who will benefit most immediately are the bloggers constantly striving to produce original content that will hopefully be appreciated by someone other than their mum. Hi Mum!

Hi Mum!

And so after hundreds of notes and more than a few wow moments realising how this style of note taking can not only be genuinely useful, but the cause of real insight, we have unleashed Slippy upon the world!

So what is Slippy?

Slippy is a WordPress plugin that allows bloggers to take slipbox or Zettelkasten style notes within WordPress. Notes can be tagged and/or categorised allowing loose ideas to grow into full blown blog posts via magical connections between seemingly disparate thoughts.

If you’re unfamiliar with the slipbox method of taking notes then you should learn more about it and get on the bandwagon, because if you’re a content producer and either aren’t aware of them or aren’t using them religiously, you are literally missing out on a second brain.

If you have heard the hype, know it’s real, and use WordPress to produce your content or take notes, then install Slippy today! Download Slippy, or search for the Slippy plugin from within WordPress now!

The Zettelkasten Method But Wait, There's More!

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