LMNHQ believes in open standards, and wherever possible will design systems using open source projects. This means increased security and reliability thanks to a well reviewed code base, no vendor lock-in, no expensive licensing fees, and the flexibility to adapt systems to your exact specifications.

Our strategic use of closed services ensures proprietary social media networks are tightly integrated but not depended on. By ensuring ownership of customer data the whims of social media censors and ebbs and flows of their algorithms can be taken advantage of without risking access to your audience.

Design decisions should always reflect advancements in technology, and even trends in fashion, but we believe your visual identity should be representative and timeless. In this way your brand can become inimitable, and you can stop chasing the crowds and focus on your core business.

It follows then that our solutions are never cookie cutter, but born out of an understanding of our client's core business and target audience. Although most of our team is based in Asia, we serve clients around the globe, and can work autonomously with progress and issues being tracked and resolved with remote management and collaboration tools.

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There's more to design than aesthetics. Every aspect of your brand is a sentence in the conversation you're having with your audience. Looking good is important, but developing a clear and consistent message requires more than just a lick of paint.

Design doesn't need to be a compromise between form and function. Good design is an elegant answer to the right questions. The obvious first question being, what are the right questions?

That's where we come in. Web sites, marketing campaigns, or information systems, our design process is the same. Looking beyond beauty and the latest fads, our concepts are based on years of research and experience, a fascination with user interaction, and an eye for the future.


New projects can really get the creative juices going, and as enthusiasm for a good project grows, exciting new concepts are shared and considered. The problem with a new idea is that it's never been done before. The map, if one exists, is covered in shroud. Nevertheless, an expert in the field will help you avoid common pitfalls, and save you time and money by allowing you to draw on experience in related and overlapping fields.

Revisiting existing projects is also fraught with complications. It might appear convenient to stick with the tried and true, but a fresh perspective might reveal new or alternative ways to tackle old problems, or reduce complexities and increase efficiencies in existing solutions without having to sacrifice interoperability with critical business systems.


Technology requirements change over time. Infrastructure and systems are adapted and built upon, campaigns are launched and forgotten, employees and suppliers and service providers come and go. Management of even essential business systems is often neglected as urgent core business matters take priority.

Well designed systems require little to no maintenance. Nevertheless, having an expert eye to oversee operations will keep critical systems cost effective, secure, and performant.

An essential but often overlooked aspect of management is reporting and documentation. Our clients are able to stay in the loop and ahead of the competition thanks to thorough documentation, and carefully designed reports that highlight the important or urgent, and related developments that might impact on business decisions.


LMNHQ is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with clients here in Asia, as well as Australasia, and Europe. Those shown here were chosen not for their prestigious or recognisable names, nor because they are the most recent or lucrative. Instead, they are featured because they are representative of the breadth and depth of the skills available to our clients, and to say something of the type of people we like to work alongside.

Full Circle Software

LMNHQ's relationship with Full Circle Software has spanned over a decade. Initially responsible for network design and management, LMNHQ has since been contracted for systems design, software development, web design, marketing copy, and strategic consultation.

Powder Handling

Over the course of this fruitful collaboration LMNHQ has been responsible for event and campaign management, design and development of bespoke software systems, and complex data migrations. The particulars of the bulk materials handling industry, and the unique requirements of a business to business organisation has posed some interesting challenges over the years, but with LMNHQ by their side, Powder Handling was able to develop and maintain their position as a trusted industry resource.

Sydney Zen Centre

The Sydney Zen Centre first approached LMNHQ about a new web site, but it soon became clear that their use of technology could be streamlined to more effectively manage the organisation and communicate with their community. Working closely with the Sydney Zen Centre, LMNHQ helped devise strategies and design systems to facilitate the day to day running of the centre, encouraged interaction with community members via social media campaigns, and designed a visual identity that worked in the modern context, without neglecting the Zen Centre's lineage and values.

Australian Boating

LMNHQ was on board this exciting new media company from its seminal stages. After identifying an unserviced and potentially lucrative market segment, Australian Boating needed someone to steer their ship through uncharted technical territories.

Playing lead architect at this early stage gave LMNHQ the opportunity to both advise on and implement the cutting edge technologies Australian Boating needed to be competitive, and design and develop the iconic visual identity and seamless user experience that made Australian Boating a sensation on all seven seas.

Victim to its own success, Australian Boating was acquired and subsequently shut down by an interested third party just eighteen months after it set sail.


We were first approached by Getex to manage an organic search engine campaign, but as the relationship evolved our responsibilities grew to include pay per click and social media outreach campaigns, web site design, monitoring and troubleshooting, and strategic consultation.

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LMNHQ is based proudly in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.